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Arrest Records

West Virginia Arrest Records

The central database for all criminal records of West Virginia is the responsibility of the Criminal Identification Bureau (CIB) under the West Virginia State Police (WVSP). It maintains and disseminates criminal history information of the state including West Virginia Arrest Records. These records are updated by reports from the various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and are considered public information. With the approval of the Superintendent, they can be furnished to any person or agency except for those that have been expunged or sealed by the courts. All requests must be accompanied by a written authorization signed by the person in the records.

The administration of Criminal Background Checks is basically outsourced to an identification data processor – L1. All requests for any sort of West Virginia Criminal Background Checks from the CIB have to go through L1. Generally, only fingerprint-based lookups are offered at a fee of $20 per search. The processing time is usually one week but it may vary according to the applicant/recipient.

Arrest Records West Virginia

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West Virginia State Police contact info.
Address: 725 Jefferson Road
South Charleston, WV 25309-1698
Telephone: (304) 746-2180

West Virginia Criminal Records

There are alternatives to obtaining West Virginia Arrest Records through the CIB. The most popular way these days is the Internet. There’s a host of commercial records providers available online which offer direct service to your requests for information. Simple and instant, they provide nationwide searches 24/7 at affordable prices. Try one out right here – yes, conduct your search with an internet-based archive today.