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Arrest Records

Washington Arrest Records

The Identification and Criminal History Section was established during the 1972 Legislative Session as the central repository for Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) for the State of Washington. It consists of fingerprint-based records and disposition data for crimes and gross misdemeanors which are submitted by enforcement agencies and courts across Washington. Washington Arrest Records are found among them; they are compiled from arrest warrants issued by the concerned authorities throughout the state. To access such documents, one may visit the individual local courthouses or the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation.

Arrest records are public records in Washington. Under the Criminal Records Privacy Act, conviction CHRI may be made public to anyone without restriction or consent of the subject. However, the general public is only entitled to access conviction records and sex offender status. Other than self-checks, vital documents and complete criminal information will be released only to law enforcement units and other recognized state agencies. Criminal record searches can either be by name or fingerprint, the latter being considered higher powered. Name-based requests cost $17 per name while fingerprint searches are $26 each plus an additional fee of $13 for fingerprinting which is offered at the Washington State Patrol office in Olympia.

Arrest Records Washington

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Identification and Criminal History Section contact info.
Address: 3000 Pacific Ave, Suite 202,
Olympia, WA 98504-2633
Telephone: (360) 534-2000

Washington Criminal Records

The State also accepts requests for this information over the Internet through Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH) from the public for a search fee of $10 but it is limited to conviction-only information. This greatly compromises the completeness of information as Arrest Records are procedurally filed whether or not conviction or incarceration resulted. No worries, several private data providers have stepped forward for this online. The market is competitive; with high professional standards at affordable prices. Search on the web to know more data!