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Arrest Records

Virginia Arrest Records

The Virginia State Police Department is the official agency in charge of criminal records. This role is organized under its Bureau of Administrative and Support Services (BASS). The direct office within BASS responsible for this service is the Criminal Justice Information Services Division. It operates the Central Criminal Records Exchange (CCRE) which functions as the central database for all criminal records of the state including Virginia Arrest Records. The records maintained at the CCRE are categorized into 2 groups – Criminal Justice and Non-Criminal Justice.

Records in the former group are available to criminal justice entities on the state and national level while those in the latter group are for conducting criminal record searches by non-criminal justice entities and other purposes. Authorized non-criminal justice agencies can conduct criminal record checks from remote computers through an online system called the Non-Criminal Justice Interface (NCJI).

Arrest Records Virginia

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Only approved organizations are allowed by NCJI to conduct name-based searches of third parties. The required charge per name is $15. For employers requesting fingerprint-based searches, a cost of $13 per search is required. A signed and notarized criminal record name search form along with the $15 fee must be submitted by the requesting party. To obtain another person’s arrest account, the subject’s signature is required on the form as well.

To acquire arrest data for Virginia, contact the central criminal records exchange office at the following:

Virginia Criminal History Search contact info.
Address: Virginia State Police Records Management
Central Criminal Records Exchange
P. O. Box 85076
Richmond, VA 23261-5076
Telephone: (804) 323-2269

Virginia Criminal Records

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