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Arrest Records

Vermont Arrest Records

The Department of Public Safety is Vermont’s biggest law enforcement agency. One of its charters is to provide criminal information. The public can access records pertaining to crime through its Criminal Justice Services Division. Within this division is the Vermont Criminal Information Center (VCIC), a web-based system for criminal background checks. It also functions as the State’s central repository for all records related to contact with the criminal justice system including arrest data. In addition, Vermont Police Records can be requested from the Vermont State Police (VSP). The VSP is another division of the Vermont DPS.

Obtaining Vermont Arrest Records through the VCIC Criminal History Repository’s public name-based lookup costs $30 per printed report. Besides the internet, applications can also be made by mail by submitting the completed official form accompanied by a payment of $30. A notary seal is required to access this information by third parties. Fingerprint-based search option is not available to private individuals or non-criminal justice agencies.

Arrest Records Vermont

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Department of Public Safety of Vermont contact info.
Address: 103 South Main Street
Waterbury, Vermont 05671
Telephone: (802) 244-8727

Vermont Criminal Records

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