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Arrest Records

Utah Arrest Records

Utah’s Department of Public Safety is the core place where the Bureau of Criminal Identification operates. Their major job is to manage the criminal records and fingerprints in coordination with the Utah Crime Statistics. Requests for Utah Arrest Records requires $15.00 fee for both walk-in and mailed applications. Interested individuals on the reports should be fingerprinted at the local law enforcement agency. In case of a third party, an authorization form must be signed by the subject.

Access to these public files by anyone is strictly prohibited, only residents may request to review personal criminal records. As a rule, authorized entities may request on the said reports via third parties including the arrest details, whether the subject has been convicted or not, but excludes juvenile records. Sentenced individuals are housed to either of the two state prisons and different county jails throughout the state. The Utah Department of Corrections also has portal online databases where inmate lookup effort can be performed.


Utah Criminal History Search contact info.

Address: Weber County Sheriff’s Office
721 West 12th Street
Ogden, UT 84404
Telephone: (801) 778-6660

Utah Criminal Records

Utah inmate lookup records inmate history showing offender’s name, known code names, ID number, date of birth, weight, height and gender. You may also find the location and status of an inmate using the lookup. All these data can be generated patiently by going through all the manual processes usually done in a government office. The whole procedure is undoubtedly long and time consuming in a way, thus, a better solution has to happen.

Well, good news to everyone because public records are now retrievable via computer with Internet access. Websites have been developed to cater record services both for free and commercial purposes. The paid ones are simply the smarter choice because they have remarkably high standards to quality of details they provide. Generally, a 100% legitimate Utah Arrest Records site must be picked with complete money-refund guarantee to indicate a genuinely credible records source.