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Arrest Records

South Carolina Arrest Records

Arrest Records are considered public records in South Carolina. They can be obtained from various government agencies which include police departments and even the FBI. The Crime Information Center under the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) is responsible for criminal information on behalf of the state of South Carolina. Under its charge, the Central Records Repository serves as the main government archive for all criminal records including arrest records. This information can be ordered by mail, telephone, fax or in person.

By South Carolina State law, an assemblage of past crimes of an individual against which he/she has been charged with is considered an arrest record. It encompasses information of the arresting agency, date of detention and a confirmation if the subject was imprisoned in the state of South Carolina. SLED CATCH, the state’s online criminal records check system, permits individuals and employers to run name-based arrest record searches. Social security number will be used if it is provided. Fingerprint checks are also available; they are the most reliable but obtaining the fingerprints may not be feasible for some. Requests to SLED that require certification or notarization must be made by mail. A non-refundable fee of $25 per name is demanded for any search, name or fingerprint.

Arrest Records South Carolina

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South Carolina Law Enforcement Center contact info.
Address: 4400 Broad River Road,
Columbia, SC 29221-1398
Telephone: (803) 737-9000

South Carolina Criminal Records

In South Carolina, only those specifically authorized by law are permitted to access national criminal history information. The rest of us are limited to state-level records. It’s no wonder why folks who need to look beyond SC are increasingly turning to private criminal records sites. Just as well, this alternative source of information has turned out to be a very good thing. On top of providing nationwide coverage, they’re instant 24/7, online and affordable. Confirm the information to know nothing but the truth.