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Arrest Records

Oregon Arrest Records

Anyone who is after of the Oregon Arrest Records may approach the state’s Police Public Records who entertains requests on such legal reports. This office has been supervised by the Identification Services Section who handles all criminal records, fingerprints, and firearms database. According to statistics, hundreds of arrest and fingerprint files are accounted everyday at the said Services Section.

Background checking can definitely be done in Oregon; provided that they are name-based searches and only return open records. These comprise arrests that resulted to convictions, and any arrests within one year that are still pending. Residents may request their own full criminal document upon submission of fingerprints. Additionally, the state’s Police Office looks into the Identification Section where Computerized Criminal History on criminal records has been taken cared of. Such records include the fingerprint-supported arrests for felonies and misdemeanor sex and drug offenses.

Arrest Records Oregon

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Oregon Criminal History Search contact info.
Address: Open Records Section
Identification Services Section
3772 Portland Rd. NE
Salem, OR 97303

Telephone: (503) 378-3070
Fax number: (503) 378-2121

Fingerprints cost $20.00 per card and the actual search costs $33.00 to be conducted at the local police station or at the Computerized Criminal History office. Applications must be performed through mail or hand it over in person to the mentioned office. Those who wish to course it through a third party must complete the request form and pay $10.00 per name search. When checking on the histories of individuals, the state ruled that the subject has the right to be notified. If not, then it is the duty of the office to notify the person otherwise.

Whether it be offline or online, public records can eventually be acquired. However, the online retrieval of pertinent records has really the big edge over the traditional and manual procedures. Records on the web can be generated instantly in no time while government agencies take longer than desired. Today, Oregon Arrest Records are conveniently searched using the Internet even at the comfort of your own home. The big secret is only to find a 100% legitimate website with full money-back guarantee to benefit a complete data that you actually looked for.