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Arrest Records

North Carolina Arrest Records

Arrest records fall under public information in North Carolina. Anyone can obtain anybody’s arrest records through the local police departments, sheriff’s office or the county Clerk of Court. However, the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) section administered by the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) division at the Department of Justice is the state‚Äôs central repository for criminal records. Only records that are supported by fingerprints are maintained in their database.

Fingerprint-based criminal history background checks are available to criminal and non-criminal justice agencies as a Right to Review but North Carolina law requires that the latter need an ordinance, federal mandate, state statute, or Governor’s executive order. When requesting North Carolina criminal history record information through SBI, a complete set of legible fingerprints presented on a standard fingerprint card including all ten fingers accompanied by the completed official form and the $14 fee is required. Checks on third parties are restricted to authorized agencies.

Arrest Records North Carolina

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North Carolina Bureau of Investigation contact info.
Address: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Division of Criminal Information
407 North Blount St,
Raleigh, NC 27601
Telephone: (919) 716-6725

North Carolina Criminal Records

North Carolina Arrest records are kept up-to-date on the local and state levels by their respective law enforcement agencies. A signed release is not necessary for accessing them but the state has about 100 counties and procedural requirements vary among them. Some may require criminal record search requests be made in person while others accept applications via phone, mail, fax or online.

The SBI process and those of local agencies do not include any criminal history information that may be maintained at the national level or by other states. Fortunately, arrest information can also be gathered through various private search sites over the Internet these days for those who may have such needs. It’s actually much faster and easier with commercial records providers as they are often excellent value for money with their multi-state searches and instant services. Give it a try now to learn the truth.