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Arrest Records

New York Arrest Records

Apart from private sources for Arrest Records, such services are also provided by the State. In New York, the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) is in charge of criminal information administration. It is also the central repository for all Criminal History Records including Arrest. Its database is composed of a state-wide collection of all files on arrests from various criminal justice agencies like Law Enforcement, County Courts, Parole and Probation Authorities. The DCJS also maintains all fingerprints connected with misdemeanour and felony arrests.

To guarantee accuracy of results, DCJS permits only fingerprint-based searches. State laws also govern that all-inclusive arrest documentation can only be released to individuals who are the very subjects of the requested criminal records with the exception of the Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice agencies. To obtain a personal record, an applicant must complete the official request form coupled with two forms of identification and the requisite search fee of $61.50.

Arrest Records New York

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New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services contact info.
Address: 4 Tower Place
Albany, New York 12203-3764
Telephone: (518) 457-5837

New York Criminal Records

In New York State, an assemblage of past crimes, which an individual has been charged with, is deemed as an arrest record of the offender. Applications for this information can also be submitted by mail or in person to The Public Information Office at New York State Police Headquarters, both of which would also entail procedures and lead-time.

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