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Arrest Records

Nebraska Arrest Records

Executing a background check is technically a step-by-step process. The Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division has full control over the fingerprints and criminal records. Its main duty is to compile pertinent data and makes sure that accurate details are entered after felony arrests.

However, there are restrictions as to what type of information can only be known by the general public. These include previous arrests and dispositions like acquittals, null pros, convictions, pardons, set-aside verdicts and nullified conviction history. As a requestor, you need to complete the criminal history form such as the full name, social security number, date of birth and any known aliases of the person you wish to check with.

Arrest Records Nebraska

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Nebraska Criminal History Search contact info.
Address: Nebraska State Patrol
Criminal Identification Division
P.O. Box No. 94907
Lincoln, NE 68509

Telephone: 402) 471-2194
Fax: (402) 471-2837

Nebraska Criminal Records

On the other hand, the Criminal Identification Division is the main place where the state’s criminal records and associated fingerprints are stored. Such a division is actually part of Nebraska State Patrol. Requests are paid at $15.00 per copy for name-based searches only.With such process, conducting a background check would be a breeze if you are only willing to abide with the existing procedure despite the long length of time it takes.

But, in the birth of modern Internet today, searches can be done without any delay or difficulties. Nebraska Arrest Records can be discreetly pulled out at home with the aid of technological advancement nowadays. There’s no need to leave home, take care of the search requirements and wait in line for the results. This time such reports are obtainable very easily with a 100% legitimate website, offering a full money-back guarantee.