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Arrest Records

Mississippi Arrest Records

All criminal records for the state of Mississippi are kept at the state’s central repository situated at the Criminal Information Center (CIC) which is a unit under the Bureau of Investigation Division of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS). The mission of the CIC is to administer the overall communication of criminal information among enforcement and justice entities on behalf of the state of Mississippi.

Although procedures are in place, accessing criminal history information of Mississippi through the CIC can be a challenge. It’s quite clear that they provide fingerprint-based criminal background check services to government agencies across the state but things get murky for private individuals. It doesn’t seem like name-based search is provided. Fingerprint-based criminal records are apparently available to the public for a fee of $24.95 paid to the Office of Administrative Operations. The required fingerprint cards can be obtained and sent in two ways: 1.) manually and mailed, or 2.) taken and forwarded electronically. Third-party search requests must be accompanied by a signed consent of release.

Arrest Records Mississippi

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Mississippi Department of Public Safety contact info.
Address: 1900 East Woodrow Wilson Drive
Jackson, MS 39216
Telephone: (601) 987-1212

Mississippi Criminal Records

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