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Arrest Records

Michigan Arrest Records

The government central repository for all arrests, charges and convictions of serious crime committed in State of Michigan is the Michigan Criminal Justice Information Center (CJIC). This agency works hand in hand with the Michigan State Police (MPS). Michigan arrest records, as well as other criminal history record databases, are matched and compiled from reports submitted by all law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts across the state. These documents are updated on a daily basis.

Arrest information is public information in Michigan; hence, all citizens are entitled to access it. Although requesting for a third party’s arrest record is permitted, the results derived from them will be limited to detentions and charges that led to eventual convictions. Searches can be run by name or by fingerprint; the latter the more reliable and recommended option. Fingerprint and arrest information are required by law when the charge is punishable by incarceration of over 92 days or when sentence includes imprisonment with fines and costs exceeding $100. The charge for a fingerprint-based lookup is $30. The applicant must provide the fingerprint card. Searching by name is available only online through ichat for $10 per search.

Arrest Records Michigan

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Michigan State Police contact info:
Address: Michigan Department of State Police
Central Records Division
General Office Building
7150 Harris Drive, Lansing
Michigan 48913

Michigan Criminal Records

Searches do not cover other states or national criminal record system; nor is a warrant search included. But that does not mean repeated searches across multiple states to cover necessary grounds for such cases. The practical solution to that are commercial service providers. The top ones are typically nationwide, 1-stop and online.