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Arrest Records

Iowa Arrest Records

Background records pertaining to criminal history are accessible by the public through various facilities in the State of Iowa. They are the Iowa Department of Corrections Services (IDCS), Iowa Sex Offender (ISO), the Sheriff’s offices and Police departments, Clerks of Court and the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS). The central repository of this information is the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) at the DPS.

The DCI offers quick access to criminal history information online including Iowa Arrest Records through its Criminal History Record Check website. A signed waiver is not required but the arrest information obtained may not be as complete as that with one. Requests for a name-based search costs $15 per last name. They can be made by fax or mail. Only the subject or his attorney can apply in person and obtain an immediate response. DCI files do not include other states’ records, FBI records or subjects convicted in federal court within Iowa.

Arrest Records Iowa

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Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation contact info.
Address: Iowa Department of Corrections
215 E 7th St.
Des Moines, IA 50319-0041
Telephone: (515) 725

Iowa Criminal Records

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