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Arrest Records

Indiana Arrest Records

Criminal records for the state of Indiana are kept in a central database under the charge of the Indiana State Police (ISP). The department oversees a number of divisions in providing law and order to the public. Criminal history information including Indiana Arrest Records comes under the Records Division. Arrest documentations of Indiana from the respective law enforcement agencies throughout the state are compiled and updated on a routine basis at this center. Typically, they include identification, security clearance, immigration, travel history, employment and personal particulars.

Indiana Arrest Records are provided by the courts. Based on statistics, 70% of all arrests are directly submitted to the Indiana Sex Offender archives and FBI’s NSOR. Local databases are maintained by individual police departments and sheriff’s offices. Under state laws, complete criminal files are restricted to authorized agencies, law enforcement and individuals reviewing their own criminal records. Only class-A misdemeanour and felony arrests data are accessible by the public and fees are required.

Arrest Records Indiana

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Indiana Criminal Records

Currently, arrest information is also held in a computerized directory of the Indiana Supreme Court. This automation of records is funded by the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute. An online service is offered for faster acquisition of this data. Subscribers pay $15 for each name search while non-subscribers are charged $16.32 per name search with credit card as the accepted mode of payment.

Indiana Arrest Records are also available from private sources. A great many professional record providers can be found online nowadays. The market is hot so the players are typically excellent in service while competitive in price. Features and benefits beyond those of government agencies such as immediacy and one-stop nationwide coverage are standard. Give it a try here.