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Arrest Records

Hawaii Arrest Records

Hawaii Arrest Records can be accessed at various local and state government agencies across the state. Along with other related information, they are linked to the central database at the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (HCJDC). The HCJDC is an agency of the Department of the Attorney General. It is also responsible for the statewide Criminal Justice Information (CJIS-Hawaii) and the Automated Fingerprint Identification (AFIS) systems.

The fee for a name-based arrest information lookup at the HCJDC is $20. Fingerprint-based searches also cost $20 per check. It’s more reliable but there’s an additional $15 charge for fingerprinting. In Hawaii, any individual has the right to access his or her own records and challenge their completeness and accuracy but it must be done through a fingerprint check. Arrest records which have not resulted in conviction are considered confidential and are thus available only to authorized agencies as are those of juveniles regardless of conviction or not unless their case was transferred to the adult court.

Arrest Records Hawaii

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Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center contact info.
465 S. Kind Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Telephone: (808) 587-3100

Hawaii Criminal Records

Arrest Records provided by state government agencies include only Hawaii arrests. This is a gap with folks who desire to check beyond Hawaii. But fear not for commercial providers are found on the Internet aplenty offering this service. And they do it so well too. 24/7, instant, affordable and nationwide coverage, these are some of the benefits they bring. That’s how you examine for the truth to come out.