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Arrest Records

Delaware Arrest Records

The State Bureau of Identification (SBI) is officially the central repository for criminal history records in the state of Delaware. It maintains criminal history information pertaining to Delaware offenses and misdemeanor convictions including Delaware Arrest Records. The SBI also performs other duties such as maintaining Delaware’s Sex Offender Registry, quality control of crime reports, fingerprint examination and firearm purchase approvals.

Since Delaware is not an open records state, criminal history information is not readily accessible by the public but authorized agencies can request criminal background information by mail, in person or online. A government release authorization form with the subject’s full name and birth date must be provided. Individuals can only access their personal criminal background records. This must be done in person and photo ID is required. Only fingerprint-based checks are available. The current fee for a State of Delaware Background Check is $45 while that of a State and Federal Background Check is $69.

Arrest Records Delaware

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Delaware State Bureau of Identification contact info.
Address: 655 Bay Road
Dover, DE 19903-0430
Telephone: (302) 739-5871

Delaware Criminal Records

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