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Arrest Records

Connecticut Arrest Records

The Bureau of Identification at the Connecticut State Police Department is the central database of the state for all criminal records including Connecticut Arrest Records. This office is under the jurisdiction of the Connecticut Department of Public Safety (DPS) which consists of three sections namely the State Police, Division of Fire, Emergency and Building Services, and Division of Scientific Services. The archive of arrest documentations for Connecticut criminals and inmates is under the supervision of the State County Sheriff Office.

Both name-based and fingerprint-based checks are available through the State Police. Only requests made by mail are entertained. An official criminal history request form must be filled out by the applicant. Connecticut is probably the most expensive state in the US to conduct a search on Criminal Background Search at a government agency. Each name check costs $50 plus an additional $15 for fingerprinting if you wish to run a check by fingerprint. Signed release is not required but the name and date of birth of the person searched must be provided. The usual processing time for all applications is approximately 16 business days.

Arrest Records Connecticut

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Connecticut Department of Public Safety contact info.
Address: 1111, Country Club Road
Middletown, CT 06457
Telephone: (860) 685-8060

Connecticut Criminal Records

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