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Arrest Records

California Arrest Records

Other than private records providers, California Arrest Records can be accessed at the California Department of Justice (DOJ) under the Public Resources section. Per the Public Records Act, all Criminal History Records including Arrest are considered confidential information. The department is stringent and restrictive in accepting and processing requests. Only Law Enforcement, authorized employers and regulatory agencies have the right to them for official purposes. Individuals can only apply for a copy of their own records to review for accuracy and completeness. The DOJ is linked with the Attorney General Office and the California Court System.

The central repository for all Criminal History Records reported by Law Enforcement agencies, Securities and Courts pertaining to arrests, detentions, dispositions and orders across California is situated at the DOJ. To obtain California Arrest Records from the department, a request must be made in writing stating the reason or purpose. Particulars such as date of birth, gender and address of the applicant must be provided. Processing fee of $25 and 10-print fingerprint card are required. The approved fingerprinting process is through Live Scan where the fingerprint images are captured and submitted electronically to the DOJ. Fees apply and vary over different applications and locations.

Arrest Records California

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Department of Justice of California contact info.
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Telephone: (916) 445-9555

California Criminal Records

In California, arrest files available to the general public are in electronic format. They are accessible through an online database when the requirements are met. However, there are certain records that are classified as closed to public viewing. These include warrant information, security matters, sealed documents and juvenile files.

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