The Reality of Cyber Threats Versus The Professionals

It is sad to note that as time goes by the threat over the Internet has continued to grow and that there is only a few people who can stop or prevent these threats from harming. Facts tell that 62% increase in breaches in 2013, then 1 out of 5 organizations have experienced an application attack and then the United States has $3 trillion total global impact of cybercrime. In other words, there’s only a few people who can stop cyber crimes from penetrating to company data. Hence, it is important to hire one so that the classified files will for sure be protected all the time.

Cyber Security Criminal

ISACA Cybersecurity Infographic

Marijuana Arrests Cost Washington State Millions Over 25 Years

Crime statistics have revealed that 241,000 people have been arrested on marijuana possession charges in Washington over the last 25 years and that these criminal proceedings have cost over $306 million in police and court costs to prosecute. African Americans have been arrested more often than Caucasians, even thought whites are more likely to use weed. Not surprisingly, young people are more likely to light up than older citizens, and the majority of those arrested were under the age of 24. The laws should be enforced in a non-discriminatory fashion.


New Zealand Police Arresting Fewer People for Drug Possession

NZ police are going after drug suppliers in a vigorous manner, but are making fewer arrests for drug possession, even though there has been no official change in policy. Arrest numbers are the lowest in 18 years, according to Statistics New Zealand. A total of 8,771 cases were reported in 2011-2012, and about 75 percent of that number were for possession of marijuana. Conviction rates were also down at a similar rate. Police may be more careful about making arrests on drug charges, or may be focused on busting people for harder drugs


Crime Numbers Down on Danforth Campus

The number of reported crimes on the Danforth Campus has decreased in the four years leading up to 2011, according to statistics released by Washington University. The number of on-campus incidents involving drugs and alcohol use referred to the judicial administrator decreased by 34 and 20 percent, respectively. The number of alcohol-related incidents dropped to 242 in 2011 from 300 for the past three years. The number of sexual assaults did increase from 2010 to 2011 from five to eight. The lower crime figures for most types of offenses is encouraging, but there is still room for improvement.


Sealed Records for Wrongful Arrest

When someone is found not guilty on criminal charges, the arrest and trial records are sealed. The idea behind this policy is that people who are innocent should not be burdened with having a criminal record. Being arrested only means someone was accused of committing a crime; it doesn’t mean he or she is guilty. In the case of a wrongful arrest, the person may want to open the file to sue the government or the law enforcement agency involved. Courts should allow the wrongfully accused to open these records if it means receiving compensation they are entitled to.


Arrest Statistics, Need for Criminal Lawyers Related

When the number of arrests for violent crimes increases in a city like Chicago, the need for good legal counsel also increases. The public tends to get nervous, and rightly so, when crime statistics are released and the numbers have gone up. The number of arrests mean the number of innocent people arrested goes up as well, and everyone charged with a crime has the right to the services of a criminal lawyer. Anyone who has been arrested should immediately hire a lawyer; they are the ones with the necessary expertise.


Arrest Statistics Matters to Citizens

San Francisco residents discovered they were not being given accurate information about arrest statistics by their local police department. The faulty numbers gave a false impression to the public about who was being arrested in the city. Accurate numbers are necessary to gauge whether the police are using racial profiling and other types of discrimination against residents. These types of practices are unconstitutional and unless the real numbers are made public, law enforcement agencies cannot be held accountable for the actions of their officers. The true figures must be made public to restore the public’s trust in the police.


House Arrest Girl Shares Her Experience from the Inside

House arrest girl’s story starts after her release from prison. She was arrested for conspiracy and possession of 220 lbs of marijuana with intent to distribute. Part of her sentence was that she serve a full year of house arrest. What is life like while living with an electronic monitoring device on your ankle? House arrest girl says it’s better than being in a prison cage, and she’s probably right. She has been released from one type of cage, but must remain confined to a larger one to serve out her sentence.


South Florida Bulls Player Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Chris Dunkley, wide receiver for the South Florida Bulls, has been suspended indefinitely from the team after his arrest on charges of domestic violence battery. Dunkley, a sophomore, was arrested hours after the team lost a game to the Florida State Seminoles by a score of 30-17. The charges involved an incident with Dunkley’s girlfriend. The coach announced that all players have an obligation to conduct themselves in an “appropriate manner” whether they are playing football or not. The suspension is an appropriate action by the team, and one more organizations should follow suit.


Dallas Police Arrest Nine for Selling Cocaine at Car Wash

The Dallas PD’s Narcotics Unit has arrested six men and three women at Chuck’s Car Wash. The SWAT, Gang, and SAFE Units were involved in apprehending the suspects, whom police say are largely responsible for distributing drugs in the Sunnyvale/Ledbetter neighborhood. Eight of the nine people were charged with manufacturing/delivery of cocaine in a drug free zone. Another man was charged with possession of drugs. The police also seized several guns, as well as PCP, marijuana, and K-2. Good work by the police in getting these people off the streets.