What To Do If You Are A Victim of Social Phishing

Social phishing is a big threat more specially if you are going to lost money and confidential information. So, here are some of the things which you can do. First, shutdown your computer immediately. Second, change passwords using a different computer. Third, put a fraud alert on your account. Fourth, call your bank to report fraud and cancel cards.

Social Phishing Arrest

The 10 Things That Faujis Can’t Do Online

The Army has been confronted with legal issues even during the early times. Today, they still commit violations via online. There are certain things which they are not allowed to do so. First, do not watch porn on social media. Second, don’t use uniform photos as profile pictures. Third, do not click on ads alluring for prizes. Fourth, do not expose official identities. Fifth, pictures with weapones is a no-no, even in civilian dress.

Media Online Arrest

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Thief on Social Media

Identity thieves are real criminals that have to be punished for the crime being done. Here are some ways you can stop them. First, use difficult password to hack. Second, lock your phone home screen. Third, stop I.D. theft on mobile. Fourth, clean your social media. Fifth, never use public wifi. Please see more tips from the infographic below.

Identiy Theft Arrest

The Different Types of Social Media Threats

There are 7 different kinds of social media threats which you need to understand and keep in mind these days. First, likejacking and fake content. Second, fake giveaways. Third, catfishing and dating scams. Fourth, cyberbullying and abuse. Fifth, identity theft. Sixth, fake apps loaded with viruses. Seventh, private messages with dodgy links.

Social Threats Arrest

Social Threats

Survey Says People Are Less Polite On Social Media

A certain survey implies that more people are impolite on social media for some reason. First, hostility is rising on these social networking sites. Second, 3 out of 4 have witnessed an argument on social media. Third, 4 out of 5 rising incivility online. With that said, it was concluded that less people are polite over the web than in person.

Impolite Online Arrest

The Types of Digital Bullying

Anybody can become a victim of online bullying both the young and the old can encounter such bad experiences over the internet. So, here are the types of online bullying which you need to be very careful of. First, through false identity and there’s 50% of such going on nowadays. Second, online comments, when feebacks are below the belt already about you. Third, getting messages from strangers. Fourth, would be peer pressure. These are the things which you need to be aware of these days.

Online Bully Arrest

How To Keep Your Facebook Account Safe From Possible Attack

There are three things that you can apply in order to ensure that your facebook account is always secured. First, you need to have a strong password, which names nothing you can find in your dictionary, no names, no birthdates. Second, link to a mobile device, by linking your account to your phone would enable multiple security features. Third, enable secure browsing to encrypt your Facebook browsing and prevent snooping.

Secure Facebook Arrest

How to Protect your Identity in the Social Media

There are three ways which you can do in order to see to it that your identity is protected at all times. First, you need to create strong passwords. Second, you have to protect your smartphone. Third, be aware as to what information you are sharing. What you can further do would be to signup for identity theft protection services and monitor your credit.

Identity Online Arrest

The Impact of Phishing and the Social Media

The online users are now very vulnerable to phishing and the bad effects of social media. Thus, users have to find a way to stay away from possible online harm. Here are the things you do to keep your information safe. First, be cautious when you get any suspicious messages from your contacts. Second, note that information can be taken through photos and text messages. Third, never submit status update you would not want on front page of the newspaper. Please see infographic below for more facts related to phishing and the effects of the social media.

Phishing Protection Arrest

Ways These Cyber Criminals Work These Days

The cyber criminals these days live in an ageless society, they work in packs, they located in may areas, spread out, and they are highly organized. Hence, you need to be very mindful of your computer use more especially the kids who are very vulnerable to such online crime. You need to hire an IT if necessary just to prevent confidential information from being stolen by this group of criminals.

Cyber Criminal Arrest

Cyber Criminal Arrest