How People React To Sexual Offenders Today

Unfortunately, less victims or individuals are willing to expose a sex offender to authorities these days probably because of extreme fear of their lives or maybe just avoiding a huge embarassment when it becomes a public knowledge. Study shows that less people would report to the police, contact insurance company, talk to church leaders, talk to a lawyer due to some kind of fear that is building up in them. Well, it takes courage to solve a crime. One has to make a sacrifice in order for justice to prevail.

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How To Stop Sexual Molesters From Abusing Children

Surprisingly, 47% of child molesters are actually victims of sexual abuse. As they grow old, they think doing the same thing to kids is fine, and so they become monsters of their own selves. There is actually nothing that you should be complacent about because these abusers could be a religious person, a nice guy in the neighborhood and something like that. You can’t be too careless about your kids’ safety, otherwise, they will turn out to be victims of deception and eventually a victim of sexual harrassment.

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Kids Are Very Prone To Sexual Abuse According To Studies

Do you ever wonder who the common perpetrators are to kids when they are sexually abused? You won’t believe this but 60% of them comes from family members, the saddest truth that you would ever know. More so, 30% comes from friends, neighbors and caretakers. It shows that the victims really know who are causing them harm and the sad part is that some of them would not report it to the authorities for it could only cause embarassment to the family.

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