Cyber Security Awareness Program for Employees

Employees have to be trained and educated on how to manage the things they do which could trigger some cyber security threats. Here are some facts behind such threats. First, 63% claimed they know now how to manage their personal devices. Second, 78% it improved their understanding on how to protect confidential information. Third, 77% claimed it increased their sense of personal responsibility for company data security.

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Importance of Cyber Security in Law Firms

Law firms are very prone to cyber security threats because of the confidential and sensitive information that they update. Here are some of the truths which you need to find out in order for you to be fully aware of the impact of cyber threats to people these days. First, 97% of law firms have been compromised. Second, 84% of law firms learn of their breach through third parties. Third, 96% of executives failed to tell the difference between a real email and a spear phishing email.

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What is Web Malware Attack?

There are five stages in the web malware attack situation. First, there is an entry point where you access a hijacked website. Second, distribution where the initial malware redirects to an exploit server. Third, exploit where commercially available and supported exploit packs will attempt vulnerabilities in the OS. Fourth, infection where malware downloads a malicious payload that will steal data. Fifth, execution where malware calls home with sensitive data like credentials, banking or credit card information.

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Ways To Make Sure That Your Family is Safe Online

With the negative impact seen by parents about their children’s online activities, they are more aware and protective these days as compared to a few years back. What they do now to secure their kids from doing foolish things on the web include the following: First, decide where your children can and can’t go on the internet. Second, use an anti-virus solution. Third, monitor your children’s social media behavior. Fourth, backup everything on a regular basis. Fifth, use safe and protected passwords. See more information related to keeping your children and family safe online.

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Four Simple Steps To Counter Cyber Attacks

If you think you are being hacked or harrassed online then you must do the following to counter it. First, call you bank to block your credit or debit card. Second, change passwords right away from a different computer. Third, warn friends that they maybe recieving emails from you though you don’t have access to it anymore. Fourth, survey the scene to figure out how this happened and how to prevent in the future.

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A Response Guide On How To Deal With Cyber Crime

A lot of people don’t know how to react or respond to incidents involving cyber attacks these days. Hence, here is a guide on what you can actually do in times when you really have to do something about it. First, respond. Second, report crime. Third, report threat. Fourth, assess breach. Please see details below for these respective steps which you can do.

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The Cyber Security Tips That You Need To Know

Cyber crimes are rampant these days because it is an easy way for cyber criminals to steal money or any confidential information to their advantage or use. So, here are some of the useful advises that you must give heed to. First, address weaknesses quickly. Second, beware of email links. Third, create separate accounts. Fourth, use strong passwords. Fifth, back-up your files or documents.

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Tips on How to Use The Internet Nowadays

Public awareness on the proper use of the Internet is very helpful nowadays because of the continuing attack of the cyber criminals to people who make use of the Internet for personal and business purposes. Parents play a big role in educating their kids on the appropriate usage of the Internet. Kids should not be spending too much time on it. In fact, on 28% of parents are aware of what their kids do while online.

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The Hazards You Encounter in Online Actions

There are a few things which you need to take a look at into to avoid being victimized by the online criminals. They include clicking on email attachments from unknown senders, installing unauthorized applications, turning off or disabling automated security tools, opening HTML or plain text, and messages from unknown senders, surfing, gambling and other dicey sites.

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