The Common Scams in Real Estate Business

You need to be aware and know the common scams there is today in the world of real estate business. These are the common scams. First, rental scam which is executed using a vacant property due to owners staying abroad. Second, real estate agent posers which would mean the legitimate-looking listings uploaded online. Third, forged land titles. Fifth, insufficient disclosure.

Estate Scams Arrest

How Crimes Can Be Prevented in an Increase of Wages

People with minimum wages yet a lot of expenses to pay have the urge or tendency to do crimes. Due to the shortage of money some individuals have to rob or do anything that is illegal in order to acquire money. Here are the outcomes of the study being conducted. First, for the 10% increase in wages for low-paid men it would lead to as much as a 20% decrease in crime. Second, for the 10% increase in a state’s minimum wage, it is associated with a more than 15% decrease in that state’s incarceration rate.

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What is the Legal Criminal Process?

So what do you expect when someone gets arrested? First, there will be a first appearance before the judge. Second, to determine if formal charges will be filed. Third, the defendant will face the court for the legal arraignment. Fourth, defense lawyer will get discovery from the State, review police reports, take depositions of witnesses, file motions and whatsoever.

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What To Know More About Fraud Calling

Fraud calling can do a lot more harm to you if you are not very careful at all with your activities. If you happen to get victimized by fraud then you must do the following steps to stop it. First, when a legal customer calls the contact center then you must confirm the inbound number in session with the contact center and then you greenlight the call. Second, when an unverifiable number calls the contact center then confirms the inbound number is not in session with with the contact center and escalate the call to ExpectID Customer Based Authentication.

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How To Not Become a Victim of Kidnapping

Kidnapping to no surprising is happening these days in our society. The main reason for it would be to ask for money in return for the victim being kidnapped. You surely don’t want to become a victim of it. Hence, here are some things which you must do in order to avoid it. First, avoid the routines. Second, screen and choose your personal staff. Third, secure your home. Fourth, make friends with your neighbors. These are just few of the things which you must be doing.

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The Offenses Under DUI Sentencing

The sanctions for violating DUI vary according to whether it’s your first time or what. For a first time offense, 3 to 5 years of probation would be the sentence. And then a mandatory enrollment in alcohol treatment program. For a second offense, it is going to be a 3 to 5 years of probation and an 18-month treatment program. For a third offense, 3 to 5 years of probation, plus 4 months to 1 year of jail time. Please some more details from the infographic below.

DUI Sentencing Arrest

The Tips You Get To Avoid Being Kidnapped

Kidnapping has become a luxurious crime these days because of the huge money involved in it. Here are the tips which you can apply to avoid such from happening to your loved ones. First, avoid routines, change travel routes. Second, screen and choose your personal staff. Third, make friends with neighbors. Fourth, secure your home. Fifth, keep emergency numbers. For more insights please see infographic below.

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Study Reveals Cyber Bullying Facts

There are four truths about cyberbullying today. First, 42% of teenagers or kids are being bullied on social media. Second, 58% of them did not inform or tell their parents or any adult about such an incident. Third, 21% have got threatening messages via email. Fourth, 35% of kids have been threatened online. These are the dangerous facts which parents must know to keep their family especially the kids from harm.

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What Takes Place During A DUI Arrest?

The traffic enforce or the highway patrol officer has the authority to stop anything who is suspected to have been driving under the influence of alcohol. When there is a probable cause of such an incident then the officer will file a case against the offender and then the person who violated such law may call his or her attorney in his or her defense. You just have to cooperate with the officer, do not react violently or else you will get more cases filed against you.

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What Exactly Is A Crime?

Crime is defined in many ways but crime is simply doing things that others would not want you to do to them. By constitutional definition, crime involves verbal abuse, harrassment, violence, damage to property, theft, sexual offences or inciting hatred. Please see more facts in the infographic below so you would understand more about crime.

Hate Crime Arrest

Hate Crime Arrest