How To Help Dogs in Hot Cars

How can you rescue dogs when they are inside a hot car. Here are some of the things which you can actually do. First, call your local animal control or police department. Second, find the pet parent. Third, keep an eye on the car until the guardian arrives. Fourth, consider leaving our never leave a dog in a car infographic on the car. These are just few of the things which you can do.

Things You Can Do To Help The Abused Animals

Animals should be free from people would put their lives in danger. Here are some things which you can do in other to protect the well-being of these animals. First, never eat them for food. Second, stop companies from using animals’ skin for clothing. Third, never allow factories to use animals for experimentation. Fourth, never use animals for entertainment. These are some of the things which you need not do just to save these lovely animals.

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Data on the Cruel Reality of Fur

There are a lot of things which you must know about the cruel reality of fur. First, the stress from living in tiny cages causes welfare programs, self-mutilation, infected wounds and cannibalism. Second, to preserve the pelts animals are killed by cruel methods, such as gassing or anal electrocution. Third, main animals kept for fur, such as milk, foxes and raccoon, dogs are undomesticated, wild animals.

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The Unethical Tests Done on Animals Today

Here are the legal reasons why animal tests actually do not do good to animals. First, the number of mice and rats used in tobacco tests who are protected by the animal welfare act. Second, the number of animal tests required by law for tobacco experiments. Third, the number of animals who naturally choose to smoke cigarettes. Please see infographic below to find out what animals are being used for cigarette experiments.

Animal Smoking Arrest

Animal Smoking Arrest

How To Determine If An Animal Is Being Abused

If you care about the animals around you then it is your responsibility to protect them from being maltreated by other people. Here are some of the signs of these animals being abused include extreme thinness, weakness, limping, heavy discharge from eyes or nose, tied up alone outside for long periods or time. Please see some more information below and the tips that you can do to protect them.

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What Activities Can Be Considered As Animal Abuse

You are in big trouble when you are found guilty of violating animal rights. Some of the things that are ground for penalty and possible sanction would be including neglect, hoarding, shooting, fighting, beating, mutilation, throwing, stabbing and many more. And so, you better be careful when you handle these animals because you could go to jail when you don’t take care of them wisely.

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Trophy Hunting Effects to Lions and Elephants

Lions and elephants are on the fast track to extinction because of what people do these days. Reports show that lion population decline in the last 3 decades, they are classified as threatened allowing trophy hunting to continue. As for the elephants, one of them got killed every 15 minutes, projected extinction of elephants in the wild, if current trends continue or worsen. Please see more details from the infographic below.

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The Common Abuses Inflicted on Animals Today

People are just being too selfish at time that they don’t really care about the animals in the surroundings at times. What they do to animals is very alarming. Here are some of the things which they do that violate the animal cruelty law. They used animals for food, used to make clothing, used for experimentation, used for entertainment, and as companion animals.

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How To Put Your Pets To Safety in Times of Danger

Pets exist for a reason and for that they deserve to be treated fairly. First, during fireworks you need to keep them inside in order to stay away from the loud sound. Second, talk to your veterinarian about products and medications that can help. Third, keep alcohol and foods out of paw’s reach. Fourth, make sure your pet has plenty of water and shade. Fifth, microchip your pet and avoid the stress of a lost pet.

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Things You Can Do To Stop Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty law has been implemented to protect the lives of defenseless animals. These are some of the things you should not be doing to animals; sell live animals to roaside, parking lots and any public areas, you can’t chain your dog in a short leash, children 10 years of age can be charged for animal cruelty. Please see infographic below to check out facts related to animal abuse.

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