How To Help Dogs in Hot Cars

How can you rescue dogs when they are inside a hot car. Here are some of the things which you can actually do. First, call your local animal control or police department. Second, find the pet parent. Third, keep an eye on the car until the guardian arrives. Fourth, consider leaving our never leave a dog in a car infographic on the car. These are just few of the things which you can do.

Cyber Security Awareness Program for Employees

Employees have to be trained and educated on how to manage the things they do which could trigger some cyber security threats. Here are some facts behind such threats. First, 63% claimed they know now how to manage their personal devices. Second, 78% it improved their understanding on how to protect confidential information. Third, 77% claimed it increased their sense of personal responsibility for company data security.

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The Common Scams in Real Estate Business

You need to be aware and know the common scams there is today in the world of real estate business. These are the common scams. First, rental scam which is executed using a vacant property due to owners staying abroad. Second, real estate agent posers which would mean the legitimate-looking listings uploaded online. Third, forged land titles. Fifth, insufficient disclosure.

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The Significance of Doing Pre-Screening on Tenants

Pre-screening brings great importance in the process of looking for honest tenants. Pre-screening could take place in the areas of marketing, phone, and in-person. Here are some tips. First, communicate the property features effectively to eliminate tire-kickers. Second, never waste time showing a property to people who won’t qualify. Third, check out their vehicles, attitudes, punctuality and appearance.

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