The Indicators of OnlineDating Scams

Online dating sites could be fun and enjoyable but it is not when criminals and opportunist people try to just victimize you in some ways. Here are some bad indicators of online dating. First, the person you are talking to would have excuses and alibis when you would agree to meet-up, they technically won’t show up at all. Second, scammer would express deep feelings in only a short time that you have known each other. Third, if pictures are too-good-to-be-true. Fourth, if they won’t show themselves on skype.

Online Catfishing Arrest

The Truth About Stolen Cars Nowadays

The problem on stolen cars has become prevalent nowadays. Here are some truths about it as per what it says in the report. First, only 57% of vehicles reported as stolen are recovered. Second, 72% of all motor vehicles reported stolen are passenger cars. Third, in America a motor vehicle is taken every after 30 seconds. Please see more details from the infographic below.

Stolen Cars Arrest

Survey Says People Are Less Polite On Social Media

A certain survey implies that more people are impolite on social media for some reason. First, hostility is rising on these social networking sites. Second, 3 out of 4 have witnessed an argument on social media. Third, 4 out of 5 rising incivility online. With that said, it was concluded that less people are polite over the web than in person.

Impolite Online Arrest

How To Determine If An Animal Is Being Abused

If you care about the animals around you then it is your responsibility to protect them from being maltreated by other people. Here are some of the signs of these animals being abused include extreme thinness, weakness, limping, heavy discharge from eyes or nose, tied up alone outside for long periods or time. Please see some more information below and the tips that you can do to protect them.

Dog Abuse Arrest