The Risky Practices Which People Should Avoid From Getting Into

It is hard to note why some people are doing some criminals acts on the web today. But as it turns out they are really taking a lot of money out of it. However, it is just a violation to the law, a criminal liability and therefore you could be put behind jail for life or depending on the weight of your case. Some of the mistakes that employees do include accessing the Internet via unsecured wireless networks, failing to delete unnecessary but confidential information from computers. Kindly see infographic below for the many more mistakes that employees should avoid today.

Employee Mistakes Arrest

Common Indicators of Dating Scams Today

You cannot afford being victimized by fake individuals nowadays. So here are some of the red flags which you need to be aware of, they include love and adoration being professed too early on, the messages are coming from another country, the impatient ploys to get your personal details and desperate pleas for financial help. You will also get to know the tips for safe online dating through the infographic you see below.

Web Dating Arrest

88% of Details on a Person’s Resume is a Lie

Background checking is an important aspect in the hiring process for without it the business will be at high risk. Unfortunately, 88% of the application letters and resumes do not contain truth about the person. And so, the human resource department should do everything they can to be able to screen on job applicants more effeciently. See infographic below to know more necessary facts about running a background check on individuals in the society.

Background Check Arrest