The Forms of Animal Cruelty That Are Evident Today

Those people who are not aware of animal cruelty are who are really destroying the lives of these animals. One case in point are the broiler chickens, because of how they are produced these chickens are having a hard time walking. Another case is when dogs are forced to fight so people can make money out of it. There are many more ways these animals are tortured for some reason which clearly violates the animal cruelty law.

Animal Cruelty Arrest

Bad Implication to the Addiction of Social Media

If you are too attached with the social media you must be wary of its implications. These are some of the bad things which you would encounter while you are browsing the web. First, you get to see the fake version of other people and based on studies, 51% feel that way. Also, a different study tells that 64% feel that other young people share too much information on social media. Individuals need to always be warned of the disadvantages that come along with the social media nowadays.

Media Implication Arrest

How To Keep Your Car Safety At All Times

Carnapping happens these days so rampantly, that’s why people must be cautious about it because these bad elements would really find a way to steal your car. Here are the basic steps or tips which you should be doing which include always locking the car doors and windows while travelling or while parked, park car at a safe and secured place, avoid leaving valuables, avoid waiting inside, avoid making stops and avoid stopping for strangers. These are some of the things which you should take note of to keep your cars safe.

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