Common Risky Online Activities Done by Employees

Some employees are too careless while using the Internet or the social media today thinking that everything is under control. However, not all individuals make wise choices on the social media. These are some things that they do which could make their information at risk. They include accessing the Internet via unsecured wireless networks, failing to delete confidential information, sharing passwords with others and many more which you need to watch out for.

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The Untold Online Dating Scams Today

The number one rule when you engage in an online dating site would be not to disclose everything. The opportunists will only want nothing from you but your money, all for personal gain. Hence, you must know how to scrutinize the person. It would be best if you would see him or her in person so that you can measure his or her sincerity. So, you must consider as to whether or not the person is trustworthy. If not then do not hesitate to block them.

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How To Ensure Proper Background Screening

There are best practices on how to run a background check for you to be able to get the people that you want. These practices include running an SSN and address trace, perform a criminal search, verify, search additional databases, perform drug testing, obtain a motor vehicle report and automate background screening. If you do all these things you will absolutely get clean and honest employees for your companies.

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