The Different Ways On How Animals Are Maltreated By Humans

There are many instances when humans become too harsh to the different kinds of animals. As for the chickens, they have been abused through genetic manipulation. Due to such practice, chickens are having trouble walking. Another instance is on greyhound for being killed when they could no longer join in races or can no longer compete because of some injuries. Also, dogfighting is everything, this is definitely a complete violation to animal cruelty law. Another case is when animals are being used or exhibited in circus. This is another form of animal abuse. If you see these things happening in your area, you must report it to the proper authorities immediately.

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Tips On How To Safely Date With Someone Online

Dating someone online would probably sound weird and awkward. But today, it has already been accepted as a norm that people do without hesitance because some people are just more comfortable doing it virtually than by doing it in person face-to-face. Since it has been embraced as an accepted culture, individuals must not forget the risk of it that’s why there are some things which users need to remember all the time. First, do not divulge too much information such as your full name, date of birth, location and others in order to avoid your identity from being used to a crime. Second, do not share financial details like when someone is soliciting money from you even if you don’t know the person completely and you have not met him in person yet. Third, never open files from someone whom you barely met. If any of these activities is happening, you must report it to the admin of the dating site.

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Resolving Crime Through The Modern Social Media

Crimes nowadays are rising and the worst part is that various types of criminal activities have surfaced in recent times. Good thing that authorities are able to utilize the social media to pin down the criminals who are also using the networking sites. Law enforcers say that social media is now being used to do the following which include identifying people, gathering evidence, discovering criminal activities, community outreach, soliciting crime tips, notifying the public and for recruitment purposes. According to reports, 67% believe that social media helps resolve crimes instantly.

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Background Checks Not Done By Unlicensed Gun Dealers

The bad thing about buying a gun is that buyers are only being background checked if they buy at a licensed dealer or seller. Meaning to say, if they buy it from somewhere else which is not registered before the government then they can at anytime purchase one. It is one reason why a lot of crimes are happening nowadays. Study says that if only all these buyers are background checked, these individuals with legal records in the past shall be prevented from acquiring such weapons. In fact, data says that 40% of gun sales require no background check.

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