How Online Dating Turns Out To Be A Scam

In the beginning online dating is fun, exciting and most of all safe from any anomalous activities where people are just having fun meeting and eventually seeing each other in person. It only turns out to be a bad idea when over time the number of users became huge. Due to the abrupt increase of persons who signed, criminals have found it to be a great place for them to hunt for victims and so scammers came in. They do it by letting anybody believe that they can be trusted when in fact their only intention is to scam you. They can steal your money, abuse you physically upon meet up, or sell you to another person for money. Piece of advise would be to always be smart and never be decieved with words alone.

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Top Four Crimes Reported Nowadays

There are four types of crimes that are on top of the list now in the United States. They include murder, robbery, assault and burglary. Note that 88% of burglaries are residential, there is home intrusion every 13 seconds. Hence, individuals must focus on protecting their homes by installing a cctv camera or something. People must be very watchful today because the criminals can strike at any time.

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Rate of Death As a Result of Gun Violence

With people who are owning guns that are not being properly regulated, a lot of innocent civilians becomes victims of it. The rate of death in America which results from gun violence has risen up dramatically. Also, reports reveal that 68% of murders happened with a firearm and homicides of teens are more likely to be committed. And so, crime rate has increased and also with the suicidal incidents all over the United States. With all these things happening today, the government needs to implement a radical change to stop the bloodshed which is primarily caused by gun violence from individuals who are not authorized to possess a gun or has a bad history with guns in the past.

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The Kinds of Bullying People Face Today

If you don’t want your kids to be bullied you must know the types of bullying that are existing nowadays. They include exclusion, gossip, harrassment,cyberstalking, outing and trickery and cyberthreats. You should know how each of these types affect the behavior of your children more especially when they are still teenagers. The Internet could be a dangerous place for their innocent minds. Hence, it is important that they you provide them the right guidance and education they need to safeguard themselves from the bullies on the web, specifically on the social media.

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