Online Dating Scams Now Target Even The Grade Schoolers

The report says that 72% of 8th and 9th graders are now participating in online dating. As a result, many of them have been victimized by online predators due to their inability or immaturity to handle certain scenarios. When they get to high school that’s when they are being physically hurt already with their partners whom they met online. So, it is now a reality that teens are being abused with the birth of online dating. They just got engaged in something that even adults can sometimes fall as victims of it.

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How Criminals Operate Human Trafficking Business

Human trafficking has been a social issue over the years. Most of the victims of this crime are children as they are easily decieved by the goons of human trafficking leaders. They usually abduct kids for the purpose of sending them for forced labor, sexual exploitation and other horrible things. The number of victims each year grows higher and higher, a sign that the government should put full attention into in the effort to lessen the crimes related to human trafficking.


Implications on Being a Victim of Cyber Attacks

You will definitely loss big if you happen to be a victim of cyber attack. You could be losing important and confidential data, losing huge amount of hard-earned money. You could be blackmailed badly to the extend that could ruin your career in life. Both companies and consumers or the ordinary citizens can be a victim of this online crime. In other words, every individual must be very careful every time they transact over the internet.

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How People React To Sexual Offenders Today

Unfortunately, less victims or individuals are willing to expose a sex offender to authorities these days probably because of extreme fear of their lives or maybe just avoiding a huge embarassment when it becomes a public knowledge. Study shows that less people would report to the police, contact insurance company, talk to church leaders, talk to a lawyer due to some kind of fear that is building up in them. Well, it takes courage to solve a crime. One has to make a sacrifice in order for justice to prevail.

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How Background Checks Are Done Online?

People find the Internet as the most accessible channel of communication. With the existing networking sites nowadays, individuals are able to reconnect with old friends. The sad part is it is not strictly regulated to the extent that anybody can create an account even the criminals. So, it’s going to take extra care whenever someone you don’t know tried to contact you. But the brighter side is that you can use this online platform in conducting background checks. If there’s someone you need to check out to, just type in his complete name for you to find out about his or her profile. Then, you can start the search from there.

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