How Cyber Bullying Impacts The Teenagers Today

With the lack of parental guidance children are very vulnerable to cyber bullying. In fact, survey says that 42% of kids are being bullied over the web and 58% of parents or guardians did not know about it. More so, only 1 out of 3 houses has Internet security or somehow has restrictions applied by parents on the responsible use of the Internet. If we don’t do something for our kids now they could be out there suffering depression caused by too emotional and other forms of abuses.

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50% of Online Relationships Decide To Break-up Via Email

The impact brought by the social media nowadays has been very shocking as you try to see how dating in the past is compared to how people date nowadays. Back in the old days, courtship takes a long time like 42 months, but today it only takes a few days for two people to fall in love. It is crazy as you would think that’s why crimes happen because it is actually an opportunity for the cyber criminals to commit crimes. Again, if teenagers and adults are too careless about talking to a stranger over the Internet then the probability for the crime to occur is really high.

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Why Do Some Kids Not Excited About Going Back To School?

Some kids are just not too excited about going back to school from a long summer vacation. Why? Because of the bullies around them at school that they are being harrassed even via the social networking sites namely twitter, facebook, instagram and other platforms. They ended up being embarassed each time they go to school as classmates and schoolmates would talk about them in a negative way. On this note, the school takes a significant role in stopping such bullying. A strong campaign against it should save the lives of many innocent kids.

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The Alarming Facts on Burglary and Robbery

It has been known that in every 15 seconds a burglary happens and in every 15 minutes robbery takes place. It is that alarming given that fact that its occurrence is too fast. Hence, the residents are advised to put up alarm systems in the house to combat against these criminals. 90% of convicted burglars and robbers are a result of an alarm system set-up at home. More so, 74% of uncompleted burglary is due to the alarm device.

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