Rabies Should Not Be The Reason For Killing Dogs

One main reason why dogs are being killed is because of humans’ fear of rabies as 55,000 people dies per year because of rabies. However, the killing of dogs will never solve the concern. There is simply a way to combat it, vaccination of dogs is the remedy to stop these killings. Killing dogs is a crime. To stop the virus from spreading, dog owners are advised to have their pet vaccinated.

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88% of Teens Witnessed Bullying on Social Media

Teenagers who spend more than three hours on social media are more likely to be cyberbullied. In fact, reports tell that 110% of them are indeed bullied. Common types of bullying including posting hurtful comments against another person and broadcasting bad rumors about someone. These posts cannot be controlled as each user has the liberty to write and post just anything they want to. Please see more data concerning the impact of cyberbullying to kids.

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How To Stop Sexual Molesters From Abusing Children

Surprisingly, 47% of child molesters are actually victims of sexual abuse. As they grow old, they think doing the same thing to kids is fine, and so they become monsters of their own selves. There is actually nothing that you should be complacent about because these abusers could be a religious person, a nice guy in the neighborhood and something like that. You can’t be too careless about your kids’ safety, otherwise, they will turn out to be victims of deception and eventually a victim of sexual harrassment.

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Things You Look Into When Doing A Background Check

Here are the specific records which you need to retrieve in order to conduct a fair and thorough investigation about a person. They include employment history, credit history, education, criminal background check and many more. Most of these reports can be obtained from a law enforcement agency or better yet search it online through a reliable online records service.

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