How Credit Card Details and Online Bank Accounts Are Hacked

Credit cards information can be stolen when you enter data onto a fake website and when you use an infected PC. On the other hand, online bank accounts can be stolen by giving information to non-legit sites and by intercepting what you type on a keyboard. Thus, it is important that you verify the site where you are going to input your personal data, then your connection must be secured, never do online transaction in public. Also, it helps if you have keyboard input protection.


Tested Tips To Secure Your Hard Earned Property

There are 5 basics things you need to do to keep your property untouched. Simply lock all the doors and everything you are going out, burglars simply check as to whether or not any door was left unlocked. Then let the porch light on, if it’s dark, thieves will have the opportunity to get into your house. Also, hide keys or door openers some place by which only you can locate. More so, do not leave any valuable things inside your car. If you have the chance, report any incident to the authorities so criminals are put to jail.

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Animal Cruelty Is Simply Not Fair

The most common types of abuse are neglect and abandonment and the top two animals being maltreated are dogs and cats. Dogs even comprised 60% of the abused animals, such a high percentage if you come to think of it. How can a person do this? People should know that these animals are also protected by law. Hence, anybody who is guilty of animal abuse could go to jail as a consequence. So, awareness to this issue is pretty much what everyone needs to let these pets live freely and happily.

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92% of Teens Post Just About Anything on Facebook Nowadays

Teens today are more vulnerable to danger as compared to the teens in the past because they divulge a lot of things about themselves, their activities, experiences, and many more on the social media like FB, Twitter, Instagram and the other ones. The bad elements therefore will be able to know a lot of things about these teens more especially if their profile is set to be seen by the public. The only way to restrict the bad guys to know more about you would be to keep your accounts in private.

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Americans Investigate First The Person Before Dating Him or Her

71% of americans are willing to find out the background of people before meeting them in person. Out of the 71%, 35% would really pay to obtain search results about other people and 36% would just want to go to a free search site. Well, the statitics shows that a lot of individuals are now conscious and careful about who they are dating with. It’s a good sign for folks to do in order to stay away from the opportunists or the criminals in the community.

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Kids Are Very Prone To Sexual Abuse According To Studies

Do you ever wonder who the common perpetrators are to kids when they are sexually abused? You won’t believe this but 60% of them comes from family members, the saddest truth that you would ever know. More so, 30% comes from friends, neighbors and caretakers. It shows that the victims really know who are causing them harm and the sad part is that some of them would not report it to the authorities for it could only cause embarassment to the family.

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