The Truth About Stolen Cars Nowadays

The problem on stolen cars has become prevalent nowadays. Here are some truths about it as per what it says in the report. First, only 57% of vehicles reported as stolen are recovered. Second, 72% of all motor vehicles reported stolen are passenger cars. Third, in America a motor vehicle is taken every after 30 seconds. Please see more details from the infographic below.

Stolen Cars Arrest

Survey Says People Are Less Polite On Social Media

A certain survey implies that more people are impolite on social media for some reason. First, hostility is rising on these social networking sites. Second, 3 out of 4 have witnessed an argument on social media. Third, 4 out of 5 rising incivility online. With that said, it was concluded that less people are polite over the web than in person.

Impolite Online Arrest

How To Determine If An Animal Is Being Abused

If you care about the animals around you then it is your responsibility to protect them from being maltreated by other people. Here are some of the signs of these animals being abused include extreme thinness, weakness, limping, heavy discharge from eyes or nose, tied up alone outside for long periods or time. Please see some more information below and the tips that you can do to protect them.

Dog Abuse Arrest

How To Not Become a Victim of Kidnapping

Kidnapping to no surprising is happening these days in our society. The main reason for it would be to ask for money in return for the victim being kidnapped. You surely don’t want to become a victim of it. Hence, here are some things which you must do in order to avoid it. First, avoid the routines. Second, screen and choose your personal staff. Third, secure your home. Fourth, make friends with your neighbors. These are just few of the things which you must be doing.

Kidnapping Avoidance Arrest

The Different Signs of Catphising Scam

You should be aware of what catphishing is or else you could fall as a victim of it without knowing that you are being fooled already. So, there are a couple of signs of catphishing, they include too hot to be true, in a hurry to get off the site, from another place, working out of town, broken english and if they ask for money. You should be very careful, otherwise these online scammers will victimize you in any form.

Catphishing Scam Arrest

Checking on The Health Background of a Person

If you are bringing in someone for work you should not let him or her in anytime. You need to make sure that the person had no serious health conditions recorded in the past. There are three things which you need to take a look into. First, the medical history. Second, the medical examination. Fourth, the functional testing. You need to ensure that someone is fit and safe to perform a particular job.

Medical Assessment Arrest

The Types of Digital Bullying

Anybody can become a victim of online bullying both the young and the old can encounter such bad experiences over the internet. So, here are the types of online bullying which you need to be very careful of. First, through false identity and there’s 50% of such going on nowadays. Second, online comments, when feebacks are below the belt already about you. Third, getting messages from strangers. Fourth, would be peer pressure. These are the things which you need to be aware of these days.

Online Bully Arrest

What Activities Can Be Considered As Animal Abuse

You are in big trouble when you are found guilty of violating animal rights. Some of the things that are ground for penalty and possible sanction would be including neglect, hoarding, shooting, fighting, beating, mutilation, throwing, stabbing and many more. And so, you better be careful when you handle these animals because you could go to jail when you don’t take care of them wisely.

Animal Abuse Arrest

Four Simple Steps To Counter Cyber Attacks

If you think you are being hacked or harrassed online then you must do the following to counter it. First, call you bank to block your credit or debit card. Second, change passwords right away from a different computer. Third, warn friends that they maybe recieving emails from you though you don’t have access to it anymore. Fourth, survey the scene to figure out how this happened and how to prevent in the future.

Prevention Recovery Arrest