Drug Testing on Animals Is Cruelty

Animals being leveraged for experimental purposes is one instance which violates the animal cruelty law. Yes, there is an existing law which protects the rights of these animals and so you must observe accordingly, otherwise you will go to prison for such a criminal offense. So, if anyone knows someone or a company who is doing such a thing then he or she must immediately report it to the authorities.

Animal Test Arrest

Tips You Ought To Know When Dating Online

Online dating is the trend nowadays. People just go over the Internet to find someone who would fill up their emotional needs. However, good plans could sometimes turn out to be really bad because of the bad guys that are present on the web and even on these online dating sites. So here’s a few tips on how you handle online dating. They include setting your goals and don’t lose sight of them, arming yourself with time and energy, starting to scan, creating your profile with a friend, and arrange a face-to-face meetup.

Online Tips Arrest

What Parents Must Teach Their Kids To be Safe Online

Parents are responsible for whatever bad things that transpire to their children while doing things on the web. Hence, they must warn their children in terms of the responsible use of the Internet. Here are a few things they can do to keep kids away from bad internet effects. First, never agree to meet a stranger whom you just met online. Second, have them wait for you before they download something. Third, don’t forget your antivirus and antispyware. Please see infographic below for more helpful information.

Internet Safe Arrest

Background Checking on Guns Must Be Seriously Considered

One reason why gun violence is happening right now in the United States is that anybody can just possess or buy a guy from any source. And so it is apparent must run a background check on individuals who plan to acquire one. A gun customer has to complete a form which contains all the personal information about the person who wished to buy one. This is done so that it will be much easier and faster to trace the owner of it just in case the gun was used for doing a crime.

Guns Check Arrest

How To Protect Computer From Cyber Crimes

Your computer could be prone to hacking if you are not mindful of the cyber crimes that are happening these days. You should be able to avoid certain things which could only make your computers susceptable to online criminals. Teenagers are mostly the victims of hacking, hence they should be educated at home and in school on how it affects them in this lifetime. Please see infographic below for more details about cyber crime.

Cyber Security Arrest

Scary Facts About Burglary Today

Here’s one shocking information, burglaries happen between 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening while people are going to work and that comprises 65% of the incidents of it. And then 34% of burglars enter through the front door. Also, such a crime usually transpires once every 15 seconds. These are scary truths that should know about which should make you decide to setup alarm systems at home.

Burglary Incident Arrest

Keep Your Pets Away From Loud Fireworks

Your pets or the animals in the surroundings would simply go crazy when they hear fireworks near where they are. And so, you need to as much as possible keep them inside the house so they won’t hear much of the loud sound of it. Or, you can play some music so they would be relaxed by what they hear. Please see infographic below on what you should do when faced in such a situation more especially during New Years where fireworks are the usual thing that people do. See tips below on how to handle your pets during such occassions.

Animal Abuse Arrest

The Types of Dating Abuse

Dating should be exciting and fun, however for some people it becomes a traumatic event of their lives because of the harassment and the maltreatment they get from their partners. These are the common types of dating abuse; physical, emotional and sexual. When people get so comfortable with each other they think that they have owned the person already and so it results to these types of abuse. It is sad and disappointing but teenagers and anyone should know of this possibilities because if could change or ruin someone’s life forever. See infographic below for some data about dating abuse today.

Date Abuse Arrest

Facts You Must Know About Cyber Security Threats

Based on recent reports the number of cyber crimes that transpire every day has already reached to 198. 90% of which share of cybercrime costs the result from malicious code, denial service, stolen or hijacked devices and malicious insiders. Please see infographic below for more facts related to cyber crimes that are happening and victimizing a lot of people in the society nowadays.

Cyber Attack Arrest

What To Do With Gun Buyers These Days

What do you do with people who are buying guns? They should be thoroughly background checked for safety and security purposes. So, here are the steps the customer must do. First, fill-out form 4437 at a licensed gun store. Second, the gun retailer needs to submit customer’s information to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System. Third, the system compares that information with millions of records containing the names of people. Please see infographic below for more information in regards to how background checking is done on gun buyers.

Gun Buyer Arrest