The Cyber Security Tips That You Need To Know

Cyber crimes are rampant these days because it is an easy way for cyber criminals to steal money or any confidential information to their advantage or use. So, here are some of the useful advises that you must give heed to. First, address weaknesses quickly. Second, beware of email links. Third, create separate accounts. Fourth, use strong passwords. Fifth, back-up your files or documents.

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Study Reveals Cyber Bullying Facts

There are four truths about cyberbullying today. First, 42% of teenagers or kids are being bullied on social media. Second, 58% of them did not inform or tell their parents or any adult about such an incident. Third, 21% have got threatening messages via email. Fourth, 35% of kids have been threatened online. These are the dangerous facts which parents must know to keep their family especially the kids from harm.

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Efficient Approach To Doing Tenant Screening

Accomodating a tenant is not that easy, you really have to be strict or else you will put lives of other people to danger. So here are some of the things which you must consider that you do. First, set your standards. Second, do pre-screening like finding out the attitude of the person, punctuality and appearence. Third, must go through the application process, divulging personal information, employer and job details, current and past Landlords and the release of information signature.

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The Impact of Phishing and the Social Media

The online users are now very vulnerable to phishing and the bad effects of social media. Thus, users have to find a way to stay away from possible online harm. Here are the things you do to keep your information safe. First, be cautious when you get any suspicious messages from your contacts. Second, note that information can be taken through photos and text messages. Third, never submit status update you would not want on front page of the newspaper. Please see infographic below for more facts related to phishing and the effects of the social media.

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How To Put Your Pets To Safety in Times of Danger

Pets exist for a reason and for that they deserve to be treated fairly. First, during fireworks you need to keep them inside in order to stay away from the loud sound. Second, talk to your veterinarian about products and medications that can help. Third, keep alcohol and foods out of paw’s reach. Fourth, make sure your pet has plenty of water and shade. Fifth, microchip your pet and avoid the stress of a lost pet.

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Avoid The Wrong People in Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites provide an opportunity for single adults to find and meet their potential partners in life. However, as years went by, individuals are in a danger zone because of the bad elements who also created accounts and joined the said sites. And so, you need to be able to know who is telling you the truth and who is not telling you the truth for you to be able to escape from such a terrible online dating experience. See more from the infographics below.

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Tips on How to Use The Internet Nowadays

Public awareness on the proper use of the Internet is very helpful nowadays because of the continuing attack of the cyber criminals to people who make use of the Internet for personal and business purposes. Parents play a big role in educating their kids on the appropriate usage of the Internet. Kids should not be spending too much time on it. In fact, on 28% of parents are aware of what their kids do while online.

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What Takes Place During A DUI Arrest?

The traffic enforce or the highway patrol officer has the authority to stop anything who is suspected to have been driving under the influence of alcohol. When there is a probable cause of such an incident then the officer will file a case against the offender and then the person who violated such law may call his or her attorney in his or her defense. You just have to cooperate with the officer, do not react violently or else you will get more cases filed against you.

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How To History Check Your Prospective Date

There are a number of ways wherein you will be able to run a background check on a person whom you do not know yet face-to-face. You can do the check by conducting a free public records search via offline and online. You can also go to the National Offender Registry where you can search by name or address. Also, you may check-out the State’s Department of Corrections website.

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Ways These Cyber Criminals Work These Days

The cyber criminals these days live in an ageless society, they work in packs, they located in may areas, spread out, and they are highly organized. Hence, you need to be very mindful of your computer use more especially the kids who are very vulnerable to such online crime. You need to hire an IT if necessary just to prevent confidential information from being stolen by this group of criminals.

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Cyber Criminal Arrest