What is the Legal Criminal Process?

So what do you expect when someone gets arrested? First, there will be a first appearance before the judge. Second, to determine if formal charges will be filed. Third, the defendant will face the court for the legal arraignment. Fourth, defense lawyer will get discovery from the State, review police reports, take depositions of witnesses, file motions and whatsoever.

Criminal Procedure Arrest

Online Dating Tips For You To Know About

Online dating platforms are indeed exciting and interesting. However, there is danger of it if you are too careless in your dealings with people especially the strangers. Hence, you got to know what to do in order for you to be always safe. Here are the things you should consider doing: First, set your goals and don’t lose sight of them. Second, arm yourself with time and energy. Third, begin scanning. Fourth, create your profile with a friend. Please see more tips from the infographic below.

Dating Tips Arrest

Employment Screening Process

Professionals must know how to exactly perform a background check on someone. There are certain areas you need to check out. These areas include education, criminal background, credits, driving history, references and employment history. To get to know more guide and tips on how to legally to it you just have to check out the infographic below.

Conduct Screening Arrest

The Different Types of Social Media Threats

There are 7 different kinds of social media threats which you need to understand and keep in mind these days. First, likejacking and fake content. Second, fake giveaways. Third, catfishing and dating scams. Fourth, cyberbullying and abuse. Fifth, identity theft. Sixth, fake apps loaded with viruses. Seventh, private messages with dodgy links.

Social Threats Arrest

Social Threats

The Unethical Tests Done on Animals Today

Here are the legal reasons why animal tests actually do not do good to animals. First, the number of mice and rats used in tobacco tests who are protected by the animal welfare act. Second, the number of animal tests required by law for tobacco experiments. Third, the number of animals who naturally choose to smoke cigarettes. Please see infographic below to find out what animals are being used for cigarette experiments.

Animal Smoking Arrest

Animal Smoking Arrest

Ways To Make Sure That Your Family is Safe Online

With the negative impact seen by parents about their children’s online activities, they are more aware and protective these days as compared to a few years back. What they do now to secure their kids from doing foolish things on the web include the following: First, decide where your children can and can’t go on the internet. Second, use an anti-virus solution. Third, monitor your children’s social media behavior. Fourth, backup everything on a regular basis. Fifth, use safe and protected passwords. See more information related to keeping your children and family safe online.

Family Online Arrest

What To Know More About Fraud Calling

Fraud calling can do a lot more harm to you if you are not very careful at all with your activities. If you happen to get victimized by fraud then you must do the following steps to stop it. First, when a legal customer calls the contact center then you must confirm the inbound number in session with the contact center and then you greenlight the call. Second, when an unverifiable number calls the contact center then confirms the inbound number is not in session with with the contact center and escalate the call to ExpectID Customer Based Authentication.

Fraud Calling Arrest

The Indicators of OnlineDating Scams

Online dating sites could be fun and enjoyable but it is not when criminals and opportunist people try to just victimize you in some ways. Here are some bad indicators of online dating. First, the person you are talking to would have excuses and alibis when you would agree to meet-up, they technically won’t show up at all. Second, scammer would express deep feelings in only a short time that you have known each other. Third, if pictures are too-good-to-be-true. Fourth, if they won’t show themselves on skype.

Online Catfishing Arrest

The Truth About Stolen Cars Nowadays

The problem on stolen cars has become prevalent nowadays. Here are some truths about it as per what it says in the report. First, only 57% of vehicles reported as stolen are recovered. Second, 72% of all motor vehicles reported stolen are passenger cars. Third, in America a motor vehicle is taken every after 30 seconds. Please see more details from the infographic below.

Stolen Cars Arrest

Survey Says People Are Less Polite On Social Media

A certain survey implies that more people are impolite on social media for some reason. First, hostility is rising on these social networking sites. Second, 3 out of 4 have witnessed an argument on social media. Third, 4 out of 5 rising incivility online. With that said, it was concluded that less people are polite over the web than in person.

Impolite Online Arrest