Ways These Cyber Criminals Work These Days

The cyber criminals these days live in an ageless society, they work in packs, they located in may areas, spread out, and they are highly organized. Hence, you need to be very mindful of your computer use more especially the kids who are very vulnerable to such online crime. You need to hire an IT if necessary just to prevent confidential information from being stolen by this group of criminals.

Cyber Criminal Arrest

Cyber Criminal Arrest

What Exactly Is A Crime?

Crime is defined in many ways but crime is simply doing things that others would not want you to do to them. By constitutional definition, crime involves verbal abuse, harrassment, violence, damage to property, theft, sexual offences or inciting hatred. Please see more facts in the infographic below so you would understand more about crime.

Hate Crime Arrest

Hate Crime Arrest

Things You Can Do To Stop Animal Abuse

Animal cruelty law has been implemented to protect the lives of defenseless animals. These are some of the things you should not be doing to animals; sell live animals to roaside, parking lots and any public areas, you can’t chain your dog in a short leash, children 10 years of age can be charged for animal cruelty. Please see infographic below to check out facts related to animal abuse.

Cruelty Prevention Arrest

Facts Behind The Art of Online Dating

You would not believe it but based on study a woman’s desirability online peaks at 21, at 26, women have more online pursuers than men, by 48, men have twice as many online pursuers as women. Looking at this statistics alone, it shows that more and more people are getting interested in joining in online dating sites. Users just have to be very careful in the information that they include in their profile account because the others would simply just exagerrate it with the objective to scam someone.

Online Dating Arrest

The Hazards You Encounter in Online Actions

There are a few things which you need to take a look at into to avoid being victimized by the online criminals. They include clicking on email attachments from unknown senders, installing unauthorized applications, turning off or disabling automated security tools, opening HTML or plain text, and messages from unknown senders, surfing, gambling and other dicey sites.

Cyber Safe Arrest

Higher Education Background Checking Guide

You need to know how the Higher Education would look into scrutinizing individuals. 90% conduct criminal or public record searches. 67% does education verification. 61% identity verification. 58% previous employment. Please see infographic below for you to have an idea on how background checking should be done in order to see to it that you don’t get to hire or work with someone who has a bad background.

Background Screening Arrest

Background Screening Arrest
Background Screening Arrest

What Can the Social Media Do To Stop Crime?

There are a number of ways which individuals can make use of the social media. Here are some information which you can obtain which include identifying associates affiliated with persons of interest, identify location of criminal activity, gather photos or statements to corroborate evidence, identify criminal activity and other details. Please see infographic below for more data.

Crime Watch Arrest

Crime Watch Arrest

The Truth About Racism Still Exist

People who suffer from discrimination are still suffering from the same kind of treatment even by how they are being treated by the authorities. For instance the black americans when they are in trouble with the authorities they are often pre-judged. It should not be the case, they should be fairly questioned following the due process to show that laws are implemented with equal effect on anyone.

Racial Crime Arrest

Drug Testing on Animals Is Cruelty

Animals being leveraged for experimental purposes is one instance which violates the animal cruelty law. Yes, there is an existing law which protects the rights of these animals and so you must observe accordingly, otherwise you will go to prison for such a criminal offense. So, if anyone knows someone or a company who is doing such a thing then he or she must immediately report it to the authorities.

Animal Test Arrest

Tips You Ought To Know When Dating Online

Online dating is the trend nowadays. People just go over the Internet to find someone who would fill up their emotional needs. However, good plans could sometimes turn out to be really bad because of the bad guys that are present on the web and even on these online dating sites. So here’s a few tips on how you handle online dating. They include setting your goals and don’t lose sight of them, arming yourself with time and energy, starting to scan, creating your profile with a friend, and arrange a face-to-face meetup.

Online Tips Arrest