Trophy Hunting Effects to Lions and Elephants

Lions and elephants are on the fast track to extinction because of what people do these days. Reports show that lion population decline in the last 3 decades, they are classified as threatened allowing trophy hunting to continue. As for the elephants, one of them got killed every 15 minutes, projected extinction of elephants in the wild, if current trends continue or worsen. Please see more details from the infographic below.

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How Background Checking Saves Lives Nowadays

Running a background check results to positive things in the society. First, 47% fewer women are shot to death by intimate partners. Second, 53% fewer law enforcement officers are shot and killed in the line of duty. Third, 47% fewer suicides by gun. Fourth, 48% less gun trafficking in their cities. See more details from the infographic below.

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A Response Guide On How To Deal With Cyber Crime

A lot of people don’t know how to react or respond to incidents involving cyber attacks these days. Hence, here is a guide on what you can actually do in times when you really have to do something about it. First, respond. Second, report crime. Third, report threat. Fourth, assess breach. Please see details below for these respective steps which you can do.

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The Tips You Get To Avoid Being Kidnapped

Kidnapping has become a luxurious crime these days because of the huge money involved in it. Here are the tips which you can apply to avoid such from happening to your loved ones. First, avoid routines, change travel routes. Second, screen and choose your personal staff. Third, make friends with neighbors. Fourth, secure your home. Fifth, keep emergency numbers. For more insights please see infographic below.

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Resource To Use in Conducting a Background Check

The primary objectives to doing a background check on individuals are important for a company to identify. Background checking is highly relevant to prevent negligent hiring, child abuse and abductions, national security and federal and state laws. The ones who does background checking include companies in the recruitment department, private investigators and others.

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How to Protect your Identity in the Social Media

There are three ways which you can do in order to see to it that your identity is protected at all times. First, you need to create strong passwords. Second, you have to protect your smartphone. Third, be aware as to what information you are sharing. What you can further do would be to signup for identity theft protection services and monitor your credit.

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The Common Abuses Inflicted on Animals Today

People are just being too selfish at time that they don’t really care about the animals in the surroundings at times. What they do to animals is very alarming. Here are some of the things which they do that violate the animal cruelty law. They used animals for food, used to make clothing, used for experimentation, used for entertainment, and as companion animals.

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How To Spare Yourself From A First Date Fiasco

When you are looking for a date you need to know or determine how safety you can be while doing so. First, you should know when to date. Second, you decide who is going to pay for the date. Third, you got to check your compatibility. Fourth, and then you check the essentials. You surely don’t what to have a bad memory on your date. Hence, you got to do everything you can to stay away from possible troubles.

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The Cyber Security Tips That You Need To Know

Cyber crimes are rampant these days because it is an easy way for cyber criminals to steal money or any confidential information to their advantage or use. So, here are some of the useful advises that you must give heed to. First, address weaknesses quickly. Second, beware of email links. Third, create separate accounts. Fourth, use strong passwords. Fifth, back-up your files or documents.

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Study Reveals Cyber Bullying Facts

There are four truths about cyberbullying today. First, 42% of teenagers or kids are being bullied on social media. Second, 58% of them did not inform or tell their parents or any adult about such an incident. Third, 21% have got threatening messages via email. Fourth, 35% of kids have been threatened online. These are the dangerous facts which parents must know to keep their family especially the kids from harm.

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