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Arrest Records

Arkansas Arrest Records

Compared to other states, criminal history information is strictly controlled in Arkansas. State law permits access of Arkansas Arrest Records only to certain authorized entities such as those in investigation, security and welfare. The local citizens will have the opportunity to do the search on arrest records as declared by law. They are kept up-to-date on a monthly basis. Their State Repository allows public access to its criminal arrest records based only on fingerprints and not by name. State background checks however are name-based but all names are linked to corresponding fingerprints. That means searches will display name with the associated fingerprints.

Individuals requesting their own Arkansas Arrest Records are required to fill out a form and mail in with the $25 search fee. Authorized employers, with the consent of the subject, are also entitled to carry out criminal background checks through the Arkansas State Police online system for $22 per name but must be registered beforehand. Certain documents for pending misdemeanour charges and files for cases that were dismissed or acquitted are considered classified by the state and are therefore available by law only to enforcement agencies.

Arrest Records Arkansas

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Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau contact info.
Address: 1 State Police Plaza Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72209

Telephone: (501) 618-8500

Arkansas Criminal Records

The normal processing time for Arkansas Arrest Records requests by the Arkansas State Police can take up to 5 business days excluding mailing time. Fortunately, alternative sources of this information are available nowadays especially on the internet for those whose needs are urgent. There are plenty of commercial records providers to choose from. With the right one, you can retrieve background check results within minutes. Give it a try here!