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Arrest Records

Alaska Arrest Records

Alaska criminal history record information, including arrest records, is kept by the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau (R&I), the state’s central repository for vital data and justice information. This agency reports into the Alaska Department of Public Safety. Per the Alaska Public Records Act, “Any Person” is authorized to access criminal background records. Alaska Arrest Records may be searched by name or fingerprint, the latter offering much more positive identification, thus clearly preferred and recommended.

All application forms should be enclosed with the FBI fingerprint form, the official request form and accompanied by the required fees. Each name-based lookup costs $20 while fingerprint check is $35. Anyone can obtain his or her own full criminal history records but a signed release is required to request such information of others. The fees for County criminal records are $20 per search.

Alaska Criminal Records and Identification Bureau contact info.
5700 E. Tudor Road,
Anchorage, AK 99507
Telephone: (907) 269-5091

Arrest Records Alaska

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Alaska Criminal Records

Alaska Arrest Records obtained from the incumbent state agency will include Alaska Criminal Justice Information only. For nationwide checks, the most convenient option is private information brokers. These commercial arrest records providers are conveniently found on the Internet and the top ones operate at very high standards. Immediacy, accuracy and privacy at affordable fees, they offer the perfect answer to folks who need to look beyond their own state.